Aug 262014
Richard Attenborough, Creator Of 'Gandhi', Dies at 90!!

Richard Attenborough, who has many Oscar awards to his name and has worked as a successful actor in several films dies at 90 on Sunday, August 24th 2014.  His son confirmed the news of his death to BBC and that the actor-director was suffering from poor health for some time. Richard’s was an Academy Award winner as a director for his extraordinary film ‘Gandhi’, which was released in 1982 and took away lots of appreciations [...]

Aug 252014
Alcohol Usage in Movies Increases its Consumption

We see actors looking quite cool in movies while having a sip of scotch in their trademark style and we often are so fascinated and start dreaming about that one moment when we would imitate the same.  This would have happened at least once with most of us, if not all. Such is the impact of alcohol or other narcotic products for that matter, on the mindset of audiences.  Recent researches have revealed that alcohol [...]

Aug 232014
‘Ram Lakhan’ Bollywood mein Re-make pe Re-make!

This is what seems to be the only motto of some Bollywood film makers. Are they least concerned with the results that a remake going to fetch? No idea! ‘Jab Jab acchi scripts ki kami khalegi, purani film ki remake banegi!’                                                                       There is some kind of trend going on in Bollywood these years. Every other film maker is behind making remake of some super-hit movie. No doubt, they are trying their level best but guys, [...]

Aug 222014
Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August serial update

Today’s episode f Kumkum Bhagya Episode Number 94 started with Abhi and Pragya coming for the party and everyone having fun together.  But, actually, people are laughing after seeing Pragya.  Pragya’s Daadi meets Abhi and asks him to give a high 5.  The entire family is there for celebrations including the cousin Daadi, Aliya, Tanu and everybody else. Daadi and entire family is leaving no stone unturned to make fun of Pragya, but lovingly.  There [...]

Aug 212014
Jodha Akbar Zee TV 21 st August 2014 Episode 312

Todas Episode of Jodha Akbar 312 starts with Jalal getting into a fight of words with Jodha and possibly over ego issues.  He says that if Jodha wants freedom, he is more than willing to let her go.  In fact, it’s his love for her which is coming out in this way.  Hamida comes to intervene but Jalal leaves without saying anything else. Jodha is sad and so are Hamida and others.  On one hand [...]

Aug 202014
The Chappati Making Robot Is There For Americans

For times unknown, Indian women have been spending endless hours of their lives making chapattis for their families.  No matter the season, they have to be in the kitchen making round chapattis for their family.  Their talent in kitchen is gauged by the accuracy of circular chapatis that they make. There are times in the summer when it is difficult to stand in the kitchen, even for a minute but the Indian women spend hours [...]

Aug 192014
Kumkum Bhagya 19 th August 2014 Episode 91

Todays Kumkum Bhagya Episode number 91 started In the opening scene, police has arrived at Abhi’s place and Suresh and Panwala are accompanying them to catch hold of Abhi.  Panwala and Suresh accuse Abhi and Pragya explains what happened between her and Abhi.  However, the auditor is on Abhi’s side and says that he is a good as a saint and all he is doing is securing his wife.Panwala too is willing to take back the [...]

Aug 192014
Jodha Akbar Zee Tv 19 th August 2014 Episode 310

Todays Episode of Jodha Akbar Episode 310 started with Jalal’s inquiry about Atifa shocks Jodha.  Ruks maintains she is fine.  Jalal leaves to get some rest. Jalal meets Atifa.  She reveals how the daasies had talked about Jalal not returning to her because he loved only Jodha.  Jalal pacifies her by saying she is his peace while Jodha is just a responsibility.  He assures Atifa about taking care of her husband as well.  Zakira listens [...]

Aug 192014
Phone Number Needed To Create Yahoo And Gmail Account Now

There was a time when you could create infinite number of email addresses using the two major email providers of the world – Yahoo and Google.  You just needed to fill a form, select a unique id, enter a password and you had all the email addresses you wanted. But it is not going to be as easy as it was before.  It seems that lots of fake email addresses are getting created on the [...]

Aug 182014
Do Vajpayee and Subhash Chandra Bose deserve Bharat Ratna?

It is still difficult to figure whether it is a debate or a controversy.  India is not able to decide whether the Bharat Ratna award should be given to former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee or to the freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. As we all know, Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award of India.  Being the biggest honor to be given to anyone, the person must have done something outstanding and [...]