Dec 222014
Aamirs PK (Peekey) a bad copy of Akshays Oh My God

I am an Aamir Khan fan and have been waiting for this movie from Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir for a long time.  Rajkumar Hirani has a dream run in Bollywood with hit likes Munna Bhai series and then iconic 3 Idiot. The pair of these two was much praised by almost everybody in India. PK has gained a lot of attention in media around the world because of the semi naked poster of Aamir Khan. [...]

Dec 222014
Arvind Keriwal’s Idea on Delhi College

I was just hearing the thoughts shared by Ex Delhi CM on Delhi Colleges. He shared an interesting fact that around 5 lack children enter in Delhi schools every year and only 2.5 lacks appear in class 12. Which eventually means we have a massive 2.5 Lacks, almost 50 %, of dropout children every year. He cited the main reason for this being poor facilities in school. He also pointed out that out of these [...]

Dec 202014
How to Register and Apply Aadhar card Online

What is the Aadhar card? Aadhar card is a 12-digit unique number that is created by capturing person’s 10 fingerprints and two iris scans. This kind of identification has been launched by Indian government as the latest identity scheme and now this card is used as major identity and it is required for everyone to have it because it will at as the universal card in the future. Some of the benefits of Aadhar card [...]

Dec 202014
Was Shilhar Dhawans absence responsible for Indian batting collapse?

The first thing that I do these early winter morning is to switch on my TV and watch the entertaining India Vs Australia match. To my surprise the score was some 140/6 with both over night batsman Shikhar and Pujara batting. What the hell is what I screamed? How come the two overnight batsman playing and team have moved from one down to six down? Soon I gained some conscious and realized that Dhawan had [...]

Dec 192014
Some important characters of Doraemon

Doraemon is a hit Japanese series which is now dubbed and shown in many languages around the world. Doraemon cartoon series is already hit in almost every part of the world now. Doraemon is a robot that has been send from 22nd century from Shivashi. Shivashi has learnt that his grandfather was the cause of the entire problem that his family has faced so he decided to buy a Robot which is very common in [...]

Dec 182014
Old Doordarshan Mahabharat cast in Bigg Boss Season 8

Doordarshans Mahabharat has is the biggest show ever been produced for TV in India.  I am a big fan of Bigg Boss and this season of Bigg Boss has one of my favorite Mahabharat Character “Duryodhan” as participant. I have very long admired acting of Puneet Issar as Duryodhan. Punnet became by default one of the favorite participant in Bigg Boss just because of the character that he had played in the iconic Mahabharat. In [...]

Dec 172014
Farah Khan is the new host of Bigg Boss Season 8

Yes this is true Farah Khan will host Bigg Boss Season 8 talking over from Salmaan Khan. Salmaan as we all know has always reacted on tough situations while hosting the show and in the last aired episode of Bigg Boss season 8 with salmaan he was very angry with Karishma Tanna and had left the podium for a while. While is true that Farah Khan will be hosting the show but the above reason [...]

Dec 122014
Vyapar Kendra Palam Vihar Gurgaon

Palam Vihar is an area in Gurgaon developed my Ansals. It is connected to delhi via Bijwasan. Palam Vihar gurgaon is one of the oldest developments in Gurgaon and has a close proximity to maruti Udyog.  Currently I am living in his area an love it. It is a lush green society you can see a lot of greenery in Palam Vihar compound.  We do get to see lot of peacock in this area. This [...]

Dec 112014
epass Scholarship status check for ap and Telangana

The epass status of the application for eligible students who applied for this scholarship has been made available online and students can check epass status on the official websites. Epass stands for Electronic Payment and Application System of Scholarships, a flagship scheme started by the government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The epass status is available for the application filed for the year of 2013-14 for both Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Through this epass scholarship [...]

Dec 082014
1983 Cricket world cup final scoreboard

25th June 1983 is a day no Indian can ever forget. That was that Day Kapil Dev lifted the Cricket world cup for India in the balcony of Lords in England. Before the start of the tournament nobody every believed this would happen not even the team who have won this trophy. But the unthinkable had happened;  Kapil Dev was holding the cup. This was the third cricket world cup and team West Indies had [...]